Classes Resume

Class begins tomorrow bright and early. We’re beginning this block with neuroscience. It should definitely be interesting as well as informative because I have not learned much about the brain yet. The only downfall is that my first mini exam is 7 WEEKS from now… That is a lot of information to retain for an exam. Pray for me!


I know I have neglected this page for a while. It got pretty hectic during finals but the good news is that I passed all my classes and I am now a second semester student! Time is flying by fairly quickly. I am currently in Miami and head back to the island this Friday (5/4). Classes begin next Monday. I updated my class schedule so you can see what I am taking. Thank you for the prayers and the concerns!

14 days to go!

Today was the last day of class! It’s a blessing to finally come to an end of this first semester. Boy it was rough! But it’s not close to being finished. Nope! Thursday: Behavioral science practical exam, Friday: Histology AND Gross Anatomy practical exam, Monday: Mini exam #3, and the following Monday: the final. So I MUST keep my head up and squeeze every valuable second out of the days. I need to return as a second semester student! Failure is not an option. Wish me luck!


26 Days left until my flight back home. Starting to feel the pressure from these upcoming exams; behavioral science practical, gross anatomy lab practical, histology practical, mini exam #3, and then a week later our cumulative final. The motto for the next couple of weeks is: STAY FOCUSED!! Would like to extend a quick thank you to my cousins Julian and Jonelle for their donations! I’m feeling good, getting frequent physical exercise, and increasing peripheral circulation… trying to ride this high straight to the end. Our current module is the respiratory system. Wish me Luck!!


29 days and counting…. Miami I Miss You!!! Time to finish Strong!

Want to hear something funny?

So apparently there is no daylight savings time on this island (which I did not know). So I rushed to class thinking I was going to be late (even missed breakfast!!). When I get here, no body is the classroom and the security alerts me that I’m an hour early. Great way to start a Monday morning….. NOT!

5 more weeks until my first semester is finished!! Unfortunately I did not get that A on my last exam,… So I’m STILL in search for one. I have a feeling it’s coming on this next one. This last block is on the cardiac and respiratory systems. Pretty interesting. I need to start preparing for the final as well because we have exactly one week after this next exam to study for the final (factor in the multiple practicals around the same time as well and that equals a hectic final week of school)… Anyways, Miami… See you April 17!!!

Sim Man 3G

Today I have my first simulation ER lab. They use a simulation dummy that is state of the art. He speaks, moans, sweats, bleeds, defecates, responds to questions, responds to medicine, everything! Pretty pumped up about this. My next exam is next Tuesday. This will be the third exam I take. The second exam grades are posted but I haven’t checked them yet. I wasn’t too happy with my performance during that exam, so now I’m killing myself over this next one. I want an A! Pray for me!!!

Exam - Mini 1 Pt. 2

I just had the second part of my mini one exam this past Friday. I was busting my hump all last week trying to study for it, so I haven’t had the chance to update the blog. So how did I do? Well I came out the exam center, feeling not so confident. This exam was a lot more difficult than the previous one, and I’m sure the following one will be even more difficult. I just have to keep working hard. Other than that, my cousin Julian sent me a ‘care package’ with some much needed goodies in there; so shout out to you Jules… much appreciated. Also, Rachell Arce thanks for the text! Tell everyone at work I’m doing well and I hope Maritza and Tat are not driving everyone crazy… jk. I cant believe it’s almost the middle of February! Time is flying by so quickly. I have an anatomy lab practical and histology lab practical this Monday. Exams, exams, exams…. (sigh). Back to studying!

Superbowl Sunday

Wow, what a game. Giants pulling off a season that started off pretty rough. I personally didn’t even consider them as super bowl contenders this year. Eli Manning definitely backed up everything he previously said. It came down to it, and they pulled it off. Congrats. My landlord invited me over to watch the game; so I got my studying done thru out the day and was able to watch that amazing game. My next exam is this coming Friday, so I’ve been trying to do my best to stay focused and keep reviewing this accumulating amount of lectures. The stress is on! On a sadder note, I was informed by my dad today that one of my brothers friends passed away on Friday. My prayers go out to the San family. They say the good die young; He was a church goer, brother, son, athlete, and a friend. Christopher San you will be missed. R.I.P.